If Life Was Still When We First Met!

It would be great if many things in life, situations, and people were the same as they were when they first met! Everything is the same as when we first met, there is no disappointment and change afterwards, there is no old love and new love afterwards, all the oaths have not yet drifted away, everything is the same as when we first saw it, in the sea of ​​thousands of people, in the time of change between ancient and modern , No sooner or later, no hurry or slow, just to meet you. At that time, we all had bright smiles on our faces, and there was a touch of joy and warmth in the tacit understanding of each other and the casual company. Without saying a thousand words, only one sentence: "It's nice to know you." The kindness and vague promise at first sight will gradually fade and dissipate. The opening of a thousand-year-old curtain, thousands of lively scenes, is just the last empty pavement of the mirage. The subsequent changes are always unpredictable. If life is just like the first time, I hope you and I cherish the moments when we meet and talk and laugh, You can't move forward or retreat a hundred miles, you can't be intimacy, you don't need to escape away. Affection does not have to be old, the secret fragrance floats just right. Don't love and hate, don't be kind and resentful, I just want you to remember, the casual and laughter when you first saw each other. If you can choose again, would you still hope to meet me in that place and at that time?





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